2022 GMC Syclone: Everything We Know About Comeback

Older generations remember very well the time when GMC shocked the Automotive world with a hi-performance truck. While there are numerous performance trucks on the market these days, things were a little bit different three decades ago. At the time the original Syclone was launched, pickup trucks were strictly seen as working machines and the introduction of something that puts focus on performance was a completely new thing. Now, it looks like the good times are coming back, in the form of 2022 GMC Syclone.

At this point, we know a lot of details about this revival and the first thing we should mention is that it won’t come directly from GMC’s assembly. Instead, this will be a product of New Jersey’s tuning house, which will take the current-generation Canyon as a basis and make significant modifications to it. Another thing we should mention is that the new Syclone will come in a very limited number.

2022 GMC Syclone

2022 GMC Syclone Design

When it comes to base design characteristics, we’ve just mentioned that the new 2022 GMC Syclone will use the current-generation Canyon as the basis. The popular mid-size truck has been around for a while and it is a quite familiar face on the market. Still, the version will bring a plethora of upgrades.

Of course, some of the first things that come to mind are mechanical upgrades. At this point, we still don’t know the details but we have no doubt that the new model will get a completely new suspension setup. If you know how the original model looked like, you know what to expect from the 2022 GMC Syclone in this aspect. Unlike most performance pickup trucks today, which are oriented to off-roading, this one will rather be a street racer. Therefore, you may count on sporty suspension, which will bring this truck much closer to the ground and provide a lower center of gravity. Furthermore, we could also see some chassis reinforcements, while we also count on much bigger brakes, which will be able to deal with the massive power upgrade.


Of course, numerous styling upgrades are about to come as well. At this point, we are still waiting for the exact details, but we have no doubt that the new model will closely resemble the original. Therefore, we expect to see the new 2022 GMC Syclone in the Extended Cab layout. All kinds over the standard Canyon are about to come and some of the first things that come to mind are bumpers, side skirts and the rest of the bodywork. Furthermore, count on exclusive wheels, exhaust pipes, grille and many more. Naturally, all these things should be blacked, in the manner of the original.

2022 GMC Syclone price


When it comes to the inside of this truck, details are yet to come. Still, we can predict some of the basic things. While the overall layout won’t be much different compared to the standard Canyon, we count on upgrades in terms of new seats, new steering wheel, pedals etc. Exclusive color schemes are expected too.

The rest of the cabin, though, is about to remain the same. As we already mentioned, the 2022 GMC Syclone will come in the Extended Cab layout, so you may count on the familiar seating configuration and on the same amount of passenger space as in the standard model. Also, we believe that the list of standard equipment won’t be much different, though we still don’t know which trim level will be picked as the basis.

2022 GMC Syclone Engine

We have finally come to the most interesting aspect of the 2022 GMC Syclone. Of course, a significant power upgrade is about to come but we are still waiting for the details. There are two possible scenarios for the engine. The first one is to see a familiar 3.6-liter V6, which powers the standard model. In its base version, it puts out around 310 horsepower but this upgrade would bring a supercharge and a few more modifications. Allegedly, the max output would go up to 455 horsepower.

The other possibility is to see a completely new engine under the hood. Experts believe that a smaller 5.3liter V8 from Silverado would be a perfect choice. The engine delivers 355 horsepower in the standard version but once again, we would see a plethora of upgrades. According to some sources, the max output would go all-away up to 750 horsepower.

2022 GMC Syclone engine

2022 GMC Syclone Release Date and Price

We expect to see the first models on sale already in the second half of the year. Keep in mind that this series will be very limited and that only 100 units are about to be produced. So, the 2022 GMC Syclone definitely won’t be cheap. Rumors say that the price could go around 75.000 dollars.

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